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Rockstar Leeds Founder Calls for Game Industry to Rally Behind 'Manhunt 2'

I just find it hard to accept that something in Manhunt 2 is so morally wrong or visually graphic that it deserves the dreaded AO rating. Can it really be much different than the last one in terms of violent content? And honestly, how can you not seeing just as bad if not worse content in movies or even television perhaps. I'd like to see the game for myself, but I'd support Rockstar 100% here.

From the article:

Earlier this week, European news site Develop sat down for a chat with Gordon Hall, founder of Rockstar Leeds (GTA: Liberty City Stories, GTA: Vice City Stories).

Of particular interest to GamePolitics readers are Hall’s comments on the recent Manhunt 2 brouhaha:

I like the game for what it is – and I was a big fan of Manhunt before we joined Rockstar… I like where it placed you in the world and the questions it asked of the world.

Manhunt 2 is no different to the first in terms of content, it’s just that times seem to have changed and they’ve changed against this type of game. But if you look at a film like Man Bites Dog, it makes Manhunt look tame in comparison, but that film can be bought by anyone aged 18.

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I agree with you (and

I agree with you (and Rockstar Leeds) 100% when it comes to this fight. I'm getting sick of people saying that they don't care because it's not their kind of game, nobody is forcing you to play Manhunt 2, so why not let the rest of us (who actually do want that experience) choose for ourselves?

From an art point of view (yes, I view games as art), other developers should be rallying in support of Rockstar Leeds, if only because the same could happen to them. Just look at what happens with the MPAA and movie ratings, what was fine thirty years ago is not now, and with that ever changing line you breed confusion and artists not wanting to push the boundaries. I'm sorry, but great art has pushed the boundaries of our society, we remember it for doing that.

What offends me even more is that Best Buy publicly came out against stocking Manhunt 2, like they have some moral high ground or something. This is the same Best Buy that has no problem stocking unrated versions of Saw and Hostel, not to mention NC-17 rated movies. Don't get me wrong, I'm fine with Best Buy stocking those NC-17 products (I personally believe there should be an adult rating), but don't turn around and deny us AO games because you are above that. What's good for the goose is good for the gander, so to speak.

Cyril Lachel
Editor | Defunct Games

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