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Oh Crack......


A while back I posted about my own personal experience with World of Warcraft, and as I stated, I had been WoW free for almost 2 years. Well that was true until this past Friday.
At a social Geekdom event at a friend’s house, I was confronted with my arch rival once again. The group had all crowed around the Xbox360 to get a little Lost Planet and Gears action on the go while my attention was begin compelled by a solitary ex-guild mate playing on his desktop. Now, me being me, I had to see what all this rage was about. So I sat down next to him and watched. By now I had asked a dozen of questions about the expansion when he turned and said. “One of the guys has his laptop, and the game, why don’t you play it for a bit.”

Geek Love

Do you remember when Valentine’s Day was about having a little party with your class mates, going around giving out valentines to all your friends, which you placed in hand made bags with pink and red hearts all over it? No? ok then, just humor me for a bit.
I believe that we should bring back the love of these simpler times, where we didn’t have to worry about getting dinner reservations, big gifts, or being bitter because you’re alone. I say we bring back the love of friendship! So I’m spotlighting Valentines for Geeks!! ^.^

Both Four Color Rebellion.com and Play Nintendo.com have posted some really cute Valentines that you can give to your friends, your lover, or even your Mom. (Though I wouldn’t suggest Play Nintendo’s set for your Mom, they are a bit dirty.)

Bejeweled: Speical Valentine's Day Edition


Do you have a Bejeweled fiend within your life? Ever wanted to tell them that you loved them, but can't tear them away from the game long enough to say so? Do not dispare my friend! There is still hope!
There is a special Valentine's Day edition of the game!! The game has little sparkly red heart jewels, and even has messages that can be created by the user. So you can let your gamer girl you think she keen. ^.~
Downside is that it's not free u.u

Bejeweled Valentines

I kind of see a theme going when it comes to these blogs as of late. Maybe It's a reminder to you all out there ^.~ or I'm just a dork for stupid holidays.

All's Fair in Love and War


Nothing says “I love you” like a head shot ^.^
The gaming community Gaming Angel’s is holding their very first tournament, entitled “Love and War”. This is a Gears of War Tournament, with a twist. Each team is to be made up of one female and one male. The female can be anyone from a sister, girlfriend or hell even your mother ^.^
So if your interested the sign up date ends on February the 2nd and the Tournament begins on February 17th. There is also a prize! ^.~

The Gamer's Resolution

| |

Welcome to a brand new year! What better then to begin the New Year with a blank slate? So I figured that I would scrap the “I will diet, and exercise more” resolution and go with something a little unorthodox. Besides it is hard to keep that resolution once you have already had two cups of coffee and a waffle. Instead I have created a set of little goals that I would like to achieve. These goals aren’t just any goals, these are gaming goals ^.~
1) Finish Twilight Princess:
I know I know, it’s blasphemy that I haven’t finished this game yet, but with sharing a Wii with my other half, and finals it just hasn’t happened. So that’s that.

Wii Strap Replacment

REJOICE! Nintendo has taken it upon themselves to right the wrongs of the flying Wii-mote. Since there has been so many accidents dealing with Wiimotes flying into TV screens, walls or any other object due to the faulty wrist strap, it’s good to see that they are taking care of the problem.

Nothing Gets a PSP moving like a Final Fantasy


It’s no secret that the PSP is not doing as well on the market as it’s competitor, the Nintendo DS. Sure it’s a system that is focused on being a multiple entertainment system with the ability to play music, watch movies, and of course, play games, but it appears that it’s just not doing enough for some members of the gaming public. I mean they have resorted to a number of “new marking” gimmicks such as the letting them come in Pink, Blue and Sliver. (I would like to state for the record that the Pink PSP is UGLY), and have dropped the price, but still no bitters. But I think they finally got something.

Launch Wii-kend

See what I did there? Ha hah Lame. ^.^ It has been over a week since the insanity that was Launch weekend and now we are left with the aftermath of boxes, wiring and that new plastic smell. I will intend to tell the details of my weekend in full. WITH Pictures!

It’s Sunday Nov. the 19th and of course I expect the launch date to not go ahead for the Wii. Since I live on a island on the farthest reaches of Canada (Cookie for anyone that guess my location) It means that it blows for getting anything in on it’s launch date. I expected that this was going to be the same. But I am mistaken and dragged out of bed at 6 o’clock in the morning by my over zealous boyfriend and his clan of friends, so that we can obtain our pre-ordered Wii’s. The only thought in my head was, “They open at 9 people, it will still be there!” Let’s just say, I need coffee and needed it now. The sad thing was, it wasn’t even the wicked coffee. >.>

What am I Playing ??

When I get into a conversation with anyone about Video Games they always ask me what I have been playing. And no I’m not playing Bejeweled or Barbie’s’ Magical “Insert Activity Here” Game, unlike what someone people think. So I got to thinking and figured why not give a little update about what I am playing!

Nintendo DS- Cooking Mamma, Super Princess Peach, and Tetris:
The thing about the DS is that it’s portable; it’s compact, and best of all I can pick it up and put it down. ^.^ I end up playing a few round of Tetris while waiting for supper to cook, or start cooking up a storm with Cooking Mama while waiting for a ride. I swear buying the DS was a wicked choice on my part. And yes, I do own the Pink one, I had to match it to my shoes j/k.

World of Warcraft: The Addiction Continues


I gave up playing World of Warcraft in June of 05, once I had my level 60 Nightelf warrior (I can already here the groans about race and faction choice) and realized that paying for it was killing my education funds. So I’ve been addiction free for over a year, and have dragged my ass back to my consoles to ask for forgiveness. But there is always something that always draws you back, that makes you regret quitting, and that for me is the launch of the expansion, The Burning Crusade.

Why you ask? Well it’s the question of the unknown. Everyone picks the mystery box when they are given the chance. This is a VERY big mystery box, filled with dungeons, sweet loot, new races and maybe a flying mount, if you're good ^.^ It’s beyond appealing. It draws players who have left the game for a number of reasons, to come crawling back with the need to experience this new world for themselves. No one wants to hear second hand experience, especially after playing the original. I just want to get my hands on it. I wish I could be one of the lucky ones that are doing the closed beta. Maybe there will be a chance during the open beta.

The Born Again Gamer

That’s right children, I have seen the light!! It appears that it’s been emitting from my television screen all these years and I’ve never noticed its awesome potential. The adventuring the fighting and the head shots!

Since this is my first blog, I might as well explain a little about my gaming history, and get into the important stuff later. I am what you call a born again gamer. As a small child I had an interest in playing video games, Street Fighter II Turbo, Super Mario World, Kirby’s Dream Land, yes my comrades those were the days. Unfortunately as time wore on my love for such things where put on the back burner, of other so called “important” and “constructive” activities. It wasn’t till 5 years ago, when I went to collage that I was reunited with my long lost love. (Ever notice how the so called most important time of your life ends up being filled with video gaming time?) I believe that this reunion could not have happened at a more opportune time. Next Gen!, but that's for another blog.

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