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Videogames Fight Corruption In China?

Submitted by Meg on August 3, 2007 - 12:46am. Exclusive Game News

I've already talked about Chinese Heroes, a new videogame to teach ethics and values, but China's got a brand-new, free-to-download videogame called "The Incorruptible Warrior." In it, you play the only honest official in China. You level, gain gold and XP, work on your magic skills and improve your weaponry, and other typical RPG things, while you run around killing, maiming and torturing the corrupt officials. And their girlfriends. And kids.

I'm not sure how to class this game... Fantasy? Sim?

The game is free to download right here but I haven't played it since my Chinese is more "Where is the train station?" and less "Excuse me, but are you the kept mistress of a corrupt government official?"

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