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King's Bounty: The Legend ships!

Submitted by Chris Stavros on September 25, 2008 - 4:35am. News

This one from Atari also looks nice.

King's Bounty: The Legend has shipped to retailers in North America for the suggested price of $39.95. Developed by Katauri Interactive, published by 1C and distributed by Atari, King's Bounty: The Legend is an adventure with tactical turn-based battles and RPG elements unfolding in a fairytale fantasy world, a world of fearless knights, evil mages, wise kings and beautiful princesses.

The player controls one character, leading him through the gameworld, exploring it, commanding armies in battle and accomplishing various scripts and bonus quests. The game progression falls into two separate parts - Adventure and Combat. In adventure mode, the player controls the character in real-time, taking him through the adventure map seeking treasure, and completing challenges. In combat mode, the player takes on the role as warchief, leading their troops through battle in a chess-like format.

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