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Cerise May 2008 and Call for Submissions

Submitted by tekanji on May 18, 2008 - 1:32am. News

The May 2008 issue is out! This issue's theme is Getting Noticed In Gaming. It's also Cerise's first anniversary, and we have a successful year to look back on:D

We're currently looking for submissions for our June issue. Here's the call for submissions:

Submission deadline: May 20
Theme: Heroines and Villainesses

Male heroes and villains seem to dominate gaming storylines, but there are plenty of fascinating female hero(in)es and villain(esse)s, too. This issue aims to celebrate and discuss our favorite (and least favorite) female characters, both protagonists and antagonists.

Who are your all-time favorite heroines and villainesses, and why are they so great? What makes a video game heroine heroic? What’s it like to role-play as a villainess? What are some of the typical ways in which female heroes and villains differ from their male counterparts – and is that okay? If these questions intrigue you, be sure to submit your work for this issue.

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