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Wii Fit - Not Enough Unlockables?

Submitted by Rosethorn on June 3, 2008 - 12:12pm. Exclusive Video Game Editorials

So I've been up to a couple of fun things lately. One is Age of Conan and someday I'll get around to writing about my experiences in that game. The other thing I've been messing around with is Wii Fit.

I'm in terrible shape. I'm a wee bit overweight, but nothing that I'm desperate to lose. But I am by no means fit. So when Wii Fit finally came out in the states (those in Europe got it first for a change!), I went down to my local Toys R Us first thing in the morning and grabbed me a copy.

The first thing that caught my attention with the game was it has unlockables. And anyone who knows me knows that unlockables (and collectibles) are the way to my heart. So I was very excited at being able to unlock new yoga moves, games, aerobic exercises, everything but strength training because I truly despite all those exercises. My first day, I spent over an hour (it tallies it for ya!) mainly because I wanted to see what I unlocked next. The second day, the same thing. By the third day, my muscles were feeling the effect of all that exercise. By day 4, I'd unlocked everything cool. :(

I still have some yoga poses and strength exercises to unlock, but the yoga poses I've recently unlocked are impossible and I hate strength exercises (I think hate is not strong enough a word). What I enjoy the most of, there's not enough to. I love the step exercises and having a simple basic routine, a longer and more complicated advanced routine and a 10 minute boring step up and down routine you can do while watching TV just isn't enough for me. The rhythm boxing is equally cool, but again, not enough to it. Wii Fit is like baking a cake, licking the bowl and smelling the delicious odor of a cake, but not putting chocolate frosting on it. Cake without frosting is still good, but you know when eating it, you are missing out on something better.

I hope someone takes the ideas in Wii Fit and expands upon them. A really complicated game around the step aerobics would be fantastic! Give me 50 routines to try out! And something different with the Yoga can easily be done as well. I hate picking up and putting down my remote all the time. Let me pick 15 exercises, put down the remote and commence with the routine.

And please, don't let me unlock everything so quickly! Take a clue from XBox 360 Achievements. Give me quite a few to start off with, but then make some so nearly impossible, I might never unlock them!

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