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TV News: Games “Normalize” Killing...Sigh

Submitted by thankeeka on February 11, 2008 - 11:27am. General News

It's happening again, that moment where I have to do a double-take and wonder just why I'm suffering from deja vu again. Local news media is at it again, declaring games are bad and that they "normalize" killing in the player's mind. The critics don't even just condemn M-rated games, but say that even the E for Everyone games are just as bad. Yes, sigh indeed.

From the article:

Omaha’s KETV-7 has angered gamers with a report that says video games “normalize” killing.

In the story, reporter Suzanne Deyo interviews a local child psychologist and a parent, both of whom offer a scary perspective on video games. The psychologist, Dr. Greg Snyder, seems to slam even the mildest of titles:

Exposure to violent video games, even E rated video games, increases aggressive thoughts, increases pro-social behavior and increases general arousal.

The more normal [violence] is, the more likely it is they’re going to activate or engage in those behaviors when provoked or even unprovoked.

Read the full article over at gamepolitics.com

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Hogwash but....

This is just ANOTHER case of news reporters trying to make news where there is none.
There is whoever a very faint nugget of truth to the idea that games CAN change the way we are wired to some extent. Games train our brains for "target aquisition"(sp), the skill the military trains our soldiers in for years, that being....
Identify a target
Lock sights on target
Track Target
LEAD Target
Shoot Target
QUICKLY locate the next target and begin the process again.

This is NOT a natural ability for kids but a skill developed by hunters and soldiers.

That said, it just means some of todays kids will be gold medal target shootists but as long as parents are paying attention there is nothing to worry about.

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