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Why I shop online

I was 17 when I got my first full time job.
I was waitressing/bartending/room prepping at a relatively dodgey convention centre. Whose greatest claim to fame was, it was built next to the biggest man made lake in the North Island of this country.
(Whoop de doo)

The job was far from great.
I had the marvellous job of pouring other peoples drinks, relighting the candles on peoples tables. And scrubbing the vomit off the walls, after said people had drunk every drop of liquor they could get their hands on, and then thought how great an idea it would be to mince around the room like a contestant from Dancing with the stars.

Hunter and I

Meet Hunter.

She’s 5’5 with dark hair, brown eyes and a temper that she struggles to contain.

She’s jacked cars in some of the scariest areas of town, fought gangs in dark alleys, competed in 100’s of martial arts tournaments and beaten a ridiculous number of people to a messy bloody pulp. And that is when she is in a good mood.

She is however a terrible driver.
I try not to think about the number of people she’s run over or crashed into. Or the cost of repairs that must come with completely totalling a vehicle, after she tried to getaway from the cops by driving off a bridge and into the murky water below.

Do you play nice with others?

I read a article once.
(As soon as I remember where it is I’ll post a link)

The article was about the kind of console games that women enjoy playing.
And my oh my was it news to me!
Apparently we like games that we can play with our partners. The kind that allows us to be his sidekick. His supporter, the spandex clad Robin to his Dark Knight Batman.
The report also stated that when purchasing games we women always turn the game over to check whether or not it is a two-player game. Because if it isn’t we aren’t to keen about buying it.

Now I may be on my own here.
And there may be a whole bunch of people out there who use their consoles as an opportunity to bond and/or spend time with their sweetheart’s. And to tell you the truth I think that is really cute. And said couples probably have a really great time saving the world together.

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