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Do you play nice with others?

I read a article once.
(As soon as I remember where it is I’ll post a link)

The article was about the kind of console games that women enjoy playing.
And my oh my was it news to me!
Apparently we like games that we can play with our partners. The kind that allows us to be his sidekick. His supporter, the spandex clad Robin to his Dark Knight Batman.
The report also stated that when purchasing games we women always turn the game over to check whether or not it is a two-player game. Because if it isn’t we aren’t to keen about buying it.

Now I may be on my own here.
And there may be a whole bunch of people out there who use their consoles as an opportunity to bond and/or spend time with their sweetheart’s. And to tell you the truth I think that is really cute. And said couples probably have a really great time saving the world together.

I however am not one of those people. In fact I am the complete reverse. I don’t play well with others. It’s one of the reasons why I don’t think I was very good at games like Warcraft. I’m just not a team player. And I probably never will be. I’m the kind of girl who holes herself up in her bedroom for a couple of days intent on punishing evil doers and rescuing mankind alone. Just me, my PS2, a few packs of cigarettes, and a couple of cans of coke. There is no Batman in my equation.
(Smokes + coke + lone hero = Very happy me)

I am nobodies Robin.
It’s just never been my style. When the going gets tough and the level is damn near impossible and I just can’t beat that boss, and I’m practically crying because I’ve been staring at a t.v screen for almost 12 hours. The last thing I would/could do is turn to someone else and say “Holy shaking bagels Batman, I can’t do this level could you please come and help me!?!”
As I said it just ain’t my style.

There is a certain amount of satisfaction that comes from destroying something that would have otherwise destroyed you. I mean once it’s done I am out of my seat. I’m cheering and pointing and laughing like a maniac. I mean I’m behaving as if though it was me not my virtual self out there taking all the hits and conjuring all the spells that brought that sucker down. And I don’t know if I have it in me to share that with someone else.
Maybe it’s the games I choose to play.
Or maybe it’s just the bad sportsman in me.

Maybe it’s a combination of both.

One things for sure when it comes to my games.
You can have the controller…When you pry it out of my cold dead hand.
Other wise. Sit back, shut up and enjoy my ride.

The whole point of me

The whole point of me playing video games is to be part of something that is NOT my relationship with a partner. It is a way for me to use my brain for strategizing a war..or finding a treasure...not if I will make him happy if I let him win..LOL

I like my alone time with monsters and wizards and flying about without the interuptions of real life.

To have and to hold, is what I will do with MY games.

I love playing MMOs with my

I love playing MMOs with my boyfriend! But I'm hardly a sidekick, he's just as likely to ask for help as I am. The ideal gaming date combines flirting and questing... with a bit of giggling like a maniac because you -- and your sweetheart -- have defeated an epic quest.

Im the team player from time

Im the team player from time to time, since I remember how often I used to love playing counter strike and Halo 2 with my friends on xbox live. And I even play the odd game of Dawn of war with my best friend onlne. But when it comes to roleplaying, I have some trouble.

Im not a fan of mmo's myself. Ive played WoW and Galaxies, and its not something that grew on me. Sure I found it fun with my friends, but would I prefer that over a few hours spent on Morrowind, precision placing items in my stronghold? Well, excuse me while I place a towel over my closed blinds, I think some sunlight is getting into my bedroom. Thats a no.

I personally think its not as fashionable to play games where you cant socialize with others now. Though I have nothing against people who play mmo's, Id rather spend a few hours on my lonesome playing an rpg, than suffer playa_dude69 trying to complete the same epic quest I am, at exactly the same time.

Playing with others is fun enough, but Ill be just as happy alone in the dark, in my room. That way, I control the horizontal, the vertical, and the way in which little NPC/[insert bad guy here] meets his (or her, or its) death at my hands. And nobody else can spoil it for me.

Well I suppose they could, but they would get an earful about the way in which they were breathing caused my spell to fail, and the dragon's breath to vaporize me.