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Almost a Third of 360 Owners Don't Know Xbox Live Arcade Exists

I must resist calling these people stupid. So you didn't know your 360 had high-def support or your PS3 could play Blu-Ray, okay, those are understandable minor things. However, how do you not notice a whole tab on your dashboard talking about Xbox Live Arcade, or see game reviews for games on your system that you aren't seeing in stores. Does that not register to this third of a people? And if you can't use it because you don't have broadband, that's one thing, but these are people who just don't know it exists! Biz.gamedaily.com has all the info and stats for you to see.

Unfortunately I know this

Unfortunately I know this stat first hand. :( Although a lot of my friends are hardcore gamers like myself, I do associate myself with a few people who own game systems but would not consider themselves to be "hardcore". One of my friends, Ryan, will buy any and all first-person shooter that comes out, no matter what anybody says about it. He won't play anything else. I've tried to get him into other genres, but he just didn't care for anything else. He stubbornly likes FPS games because that's all he knows.

Recently I tried to get him to explore his Xbox 360 and maybe invest in a couple of cool XBLA games, but he didn't even want to look at the selection. He basically said that he has no use for the Marketplace and doesn't even know what it is. I tried to explain that he could download a bunch of new maps for Rainbow Six Vegas for free, but he interrupted me mid-sentence and said that he just didn't care. Of course, I laughed a little when he got mad that I had more R6V levels than he did, but it's not my fault.

I suspect that there are a lot of Ryans out there, people that know what they want and only buy that kind of product. These people aren't interested in looking around the Xbox 360 dashboard because they don't want to see anything but what they already know they like. You can call it stupid all you want, I prefer to call it ignorant and close minded. Either way, I think these people are missing out on a lot of great games.

Cyril Lachel
Editor | Defunct Games

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