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Even More With 'Manhunt 2'

And yet still, things seem to keep getting worse and worse for Manhunt 2. You've probably been following the story now since it hit, but Manhunt 2 getting banned seemed to be the least of its problems, as the AO rating has really put a hit on the game. And to think, a game I was interested in playing, might actually be pretty hard for me to do in the end. Hopefully something gets worked out soon. Here is a rundown of some of the newest stories about the game.

Could Manhunt 2 Be Released on PC?

Take Two’s Zelnick Stands Behind Manhunt 2

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Australia Will Join Manhunt 2 Ban, Report Says

Pachter: Manhunt 2 Troubles Will Cost T2 Millions of $$$

Vaz Lauds Manhunt 2 Decision, Says PS3 Hit Resistance: Fall of Man Should Be Banned Too