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Volvo's The Hunt 2007 - It's On!

Volvo Car Corporation’s Online Global Hunt for Sunken Treasure $50,000 in Gold and Key to New Volvo XC90 Launches May 4 at volvocars.com/thehunt

Volvo Car Corporation calls all pirates, rogues and scallywags to join The Hunt! It’s time to stop speculating and start searching as Volvo launches its worldwide hunt for real-life sunken treasure, May 4 at volvocars.com/thehunt.

Volvo literally has gone overboard in the second year of its promotion of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise, and has sunk a chest filled with $50,000 worth of gold doubloons plus the key to a brand new Volvo XC90 to the ocean depths, “Somewhere in the World.” Anyone hardy enough to try and find it can take part in the online treasure hunt, which starts simultaneously in 22 markets, May 4 and ends with a global online ‘head to head’ June 2.

To join The Hunt, participants 18 and older must visit a Volvo retailer to pick up a special pirate chart then register at volvocars.us/thehunt any time between May 4 and May 29. Winners will only be eligible if they can produce the original pirate chart upon conclusion of The Hunt.

Once registered online, hunters set sail on their virtual high seas adventure and move on, receiving clues, as they solve a series of challenging and fun online puzzles. People can join The Hunt at any time through May 29, and can catch up with other participants if they correctly answer the puzzles posted online. As the contest progresses, the puzzles will become increasingly harder to solve. On June 2, the first person from each of the 22 participating markets to finish the online hunt will compete against one another in one final exciting online challenge.

The first of those 22 individuals to solve the final puzzle will be named the winner and will receive a trip to the burial location to retrieve the chest filled with $50,000 in pirate gold and a key to a new Volvo XC90.

“Last summer, we held a treasure hunt to find a buried Volvo XC90 V8 to tie in with Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest and were blown away by the success – more than 100,000 participants from around the world joined in,” said Linda Gangeri, national advertising manager for Volvo Cars of North America. “This year, with more countries, more booty and all the early interest, we’re really excited to ‘set sail.’ So, come join The Hunt!”

In addition to the United States, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand and the United Kingdom are participating in The Hunt.

Use The Comments Section Of This Post To Talk With Fellow Players And Help Each Other Out - HAPPY HUNTING!

The Hunt website



but they haven't shown the winner yer. That should hopefully be next week.

dose anyone know the site to

dose anyone know the site to look at the finalist or winner or whatever in the US?

I heard from a friend that

I heard from a friend that was in the final from a Asian country. He got his price now.
He got a bag with volvo products (t-shirt, pen etc). Value : probably around 20 usd!

That sux pretty hard..

I dunno what to say! Thats

I dunno what to say! Thats what Zanne and I put and we both got in. The final puzzle is easy too. Try rebooting your computer. then going back on the site. I dunno what else to say. But 311S 17541W is the answer.

It doesn´t let me!!!!

It doesn´t let me!!!!

311 17541, just keep trying.

311 17541, just keep trying. try getting out of that site and then go back in, i did that and it worked.



Does anyone knows what

Does anyone knows what corrdinates I have to put?, I put 311 17541, and it said its wrong!

YEAH ME!!!! I got the final

YEAH ME!!!! I got the final clue and I was right!! I WIN!! I wish! too bad they don't give out cars to those of us who figure out that last clue that none of the finalists could get.

yeah, I just tried and it

yeah, I just tried and it says wrong coordinates. I did 311 17541 and it doesn't work! I thought those were the right coordinates?

I dunno bout u guys/gals ...

I dunno bout u guys/gals ... Somehow the puzzle at World's End is open with xxxS-xxxxxW coordination.

Once I try to enter the coordination that was assumed the correct answer, it says I have the wrong coordination. How the heck that is possible???

Did anyone try out the site yet?

terribabe.... did you see

did you see the movie yet?
a friend of ours went but she didn't stay for the scene after the credits and was in shock that she missed it.
i need to take the kids to see it again, that way i will remember it more ya know.

Thanks for the reply. I'm

Thanks for the reply. I'm periodically checking the site to see if they open the puzzles (as I'm sure a lot of us are!). I'll post a message if anything changes.

No im not playing in the

No im not playing in the hunt, but the other day prometheus posted the puzzle on his site and I figured it out. And they just posted the answers and I got the same thing that he did. Hopefully Volvo will post the final puzzles soon.

Hi Terribabe, Are you

Hi Terribabe,
Are you playing the hunt? Wasn't sure what you meant by the treasure chest clue? I'm curious because I can't get past puzzle 21 and I want to keep playing to the end!

well, I know the final

well, I know the final answer to the puzzle, I just figured it out. I had figured out the treasure chest clue, now I don't know what the FINAL clue was since no one had figured out the chest clue. i'll keep ya posted when I know more

Does anyone know when we are

Does anyone know when we are going to be able to see the final puzzles?

Today Mexico Newspaper "El

Today Mexico Newspaper "El Universal" posted an ad "stolen volvos on the high seas: Coming from Sweden a ship which transported volvo cars was stolen by supposed pirates" along with a Jack Rackham's Jolly Roger Flag


So, is it that the final location was sweden? or that ship was seize to the final location?

also will it be a volvo for each one of the finalists this year again? .... I sense yes

Hi All I didnt get a voucher

Hi All
I didnt get a voucher off Volvo - All I have had is a email that went out to the losing finalists - no name on the email just a Dear All type thing, no phone call, no nothing!

A winner has been

A winner has been declared!!! Congratulations to
Alena Zvereva from Russia for winning the grand prize. You can see pics of the final question at


Still no luck on THE HUNT site.

Yeah. I just got mine. A

Yeah. I just got mine. A whole $500 to use on a $50,000 car. Thats too funny.

hey pirates-- did you guys

hey pirates--
did you guys get an email today that thanked you again for playing and offered a special thank you of a $500 volvo purchase/lease offer?
i thought that was kinda funny.
it has a link where you can see the names of the winners and the countries they are from.


Hey Guys, go to

Hey Guys, go to eScavengers.com to play more games like the hunt that we just did

OMG 3pm tomorrow

OMG 3pm tomorrow

Hi! I've been watching this


I've been watching this topic for some time now.
I've been totally over my head into this contest.

Good work all of you smart and quick minds! (Zanne, why aren't you among the finalists? Cheers, mate!).

Thought I should tell you all that I am from Romania, and on my national Volvo site, I'm..was.. not competing for an XC90, but for a C30. Don't you find that odd. I mean come on! What like they've buried two cars and if, let's say, one of us romanians win, we get the C30. It would never be a problem. Just.. why? (http://thehunt.volvocars.net/ro/thehunt - if anyone interested).

Question for Volvo: Where in the Earth did you find those devious minds that came up with the puzzles?

Hoping to see the last puzzle. Or the last ones, as I read above rumors about issues.

Best luck! Ahoy, lads!

Has anyone heard anything

Has anyone heard anything concrete?
I havent had a phone call from Volvo?

Yes Canada is having a

Yes Canada is having a contest, it started June 1 and goes thru June 30. You have to be a resident of Canada. Grand Prize - $15000, also lots of secondary prizes such as Xbox 360.


I've sent off for a code, I just want to play. (No I'm not a Canadian resident) It says you have to be a resident to Enter and Play
Address for the code to be mailed is

[email protected]

Rumor has it that the

Rumor has it that the finalists failed to answer Puzzle 22. They are posting another Puzzle on Tuesday. Rumors have it that both puzzles will be made available. The co-ordinate solution from Puzzle 21 may not open until a Winner is determined.

Here is a picture of Puzzle 22.


terribabe, me think those

terribabe, me think those weird letters be part of the puzzle, if ye lurk a while in the site ye'll see some clues, and "items" that maybe helpfull, me had already solved the first one just browsing the site... give it a try, looks promising...


I did but it's in some weird

I did but it's in some weird language that I don't understand