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'Law And Order' Game Pulled From UK Store Shelves

In regards to world news around the videogame community, Great Britain has become the Hollywood star who is always constantly making the local tabloids. First they banned Manhunt 2 and now they are pulling a Law and Order game from the shelves because of an incident. Maybe the world of 'V For Vendetta' wasn't that far off then. Though to be fair, it is kind of a low blow to use that picture.

From the article:

A computer game that featured a CCTV image of James Bulger being abducted has been withdrawn by its distributors.

CCTV image on right of picture'Law and Order: Double or Nothing' showed a picture of the two-year-old being led away from a Merseyside shopping centre by Jon Venables and Robert Thompson.

A fictional detective in the game then refers to the abduction when he asked gamers to solve a kidnapping.

James' mother, Denise Fergus, complained to the game's manufacturers.

She told Sky News the use of her son's murder in a computer game was "below contempt".

"Using that terrible picture of James as part of a game is sick," she said.

"It dehumanises the memory of my lovely son. To use him in a game is below contempt."

Read the full article over at news.sky.com