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Jack Thompson Cleared by Shrink

Wait a minute, are you telling me that Jack Thompson is actually quite sane after all of this? Okay, I find that hard to believe. I now think that the shrink in question should be analyzed to either, A) find out if the shrink themselves is sane, and B) see if he was paid off. Oh well, good news for Thompson, bad news for gamers everywhere else I suppose.

From the article:

In July GamePolitics reported that controversial Miami attorney Jack Thompson was under pressure from Florida Bar officials to undergo a psychiatric evaluation (see Jack Thompson says FL Bar Official Demanded He Take Psych Test, Accept Suspension).

In documents filed Monday with the U.S. District Court in Florida where he has a pair of lawsuits in progress against the Bar, Thompson wrote that he pre-emptively saw a psychologist at his own expense. A six-page report from the PhD was filed with the court this morning. It reads in part:

The overall impression is that of a socially committed, and religiously devout man, of Superior Intellectual Functioning, who does not suffer from any major mental illness or impairment. He is deeply committed to personal betterment and social progress which he feels involves the regulation of exposure of minors to pornography, obscenity and violence.

Concerning the accusations that Mr. Thompson displays “obsession” with pornography, obscenity and/or violence presented to minors, Mr. Thompson does not report or display any of said obsessions. That is, his self-report, his clinical presentation and his relationships with his wife and two close personal friends reveal no evidence of fixation with pornography, obscenity and/or violence. To the extent that testing data may reveal such obsessions, there was no evidence of this theme in his ideation.

Mr. Thompson appears to be a thoughtful, prosocial and erudite man whose life is anchored, fortified and enriched by his Evangelical Christianity. I find no evidence that his faith distorts, clouds or impairs his personal or professional judgment.

While Mr. Thompson displays certain areas of personal distress and difficulty, such problem areas are well within the range from which attorneys can and do practice competently and even expertly.

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