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I-play Opens Gates for 'FMX-II' Race Onto Mobile

Submitted by thankeeka on May 5, 2006 - 2:53pm. Game News

I-play, the mobile entertainment company, today announced the launch of Freestyle Moto-X II , the Motocross title described as ‘answering the prayers’ of mobile games enthusiasts by industry’s critics. FMX-II is launching across I-play’s global distribution network of over 100 carrier partners, to a potential subscriber base of one billion mobile gamers.

FMX-II offers a sophisticated game play experience, with a physics engine behind the game using simulation techniques that provide a more diversified gaming experience than other mobile motocross games published to date. Capitalizing on the hottest speciality area of freestyle motocross with its counter-culture image and lifestyle, the title has a ‘pick-up-and-play’ appeal that will delight both motocross fans and non-fans alike.

Players scorch through gritty urban locations, pulling off the coolest stunts and catching the biggest air. Racing and jumping through multiple environments and terrains ranging from snowscapes to desert dunes, players ride as high as they can and pull off an array of tricks to progress to the next level.

While FMX-II is an accessible game for both the casual and hardcore gamer, the fun is mastering the plethora of tricks and action. Players are challenged on four different interactive ground settings: concrete, sand, mud and stone as well as three different types of stunts – standard, ground and special airborne. The urban edition is set across four US cities, starting out in NYC and winding its way through Seattle, Phoenix and Denver.

David Gosen, CEO of I-play commented: “To be a Moto-X champion, you have to be willing to put your body, health and in some circumstances your life on the line. But for those that understandably don’t want to go to that extreme; the fun can be experienced from the relative safety of the mobile phone. We’re hugely excited about the launch of this title, which combines all the ingredients for a successful mobile game, easily accessible, yet challenging gameplay, and a sophisticated physics engine that maximizes the potential of gaming on the mobile device.”

Designed and developed by Austrian mobile games specialist XENDEX, the technology behind FMX-II Motocross is borrowed from molecular physics and allows fast and realistic simulation of the stunning stunts achievable in the sport.

Michael Haberl, CEO of XENDEX says “We are glad to once again work with I-play on a game that pushes the technical limits for mobile phones. Our games have all that it takes for maximum gaming experience – they are easy to understand, easy to play but hard to master. I-play is a great publishing partner with global reach to all the key markets.”

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