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Eternal Poison in Stores Now!

Submitted by Chris Stavros on November 17, 2008 - 10:46pm. News

Nothing like a good strategy RPG.

Eternal Poison, a strategy RPG with a strong emphasis on story and characters, offers fans of the genre a variety of ways in which to put sound battle stratagem to good use. Throughout the grand narrative experience, players will encounter a variety of conditions and scenarios that will demand some keen tactics in order to achieve victory.

Eternal Poison is one of three titles featured in the "Atlus Spoils" promotion, along with Luminous Arc 2 for Nintendo DS™ and Persona 4 for PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system. Each game includes a soundtrack CD free-with-purchase, and each game offers a deluxe full-color art book exclusively with pre-orders. Don’t forget to ask for your pre-order bonus if you reserved a copy at a participating retailer!

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