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FXLabs Announces "Archie's Riverdale Run"!

Submitted by Chris Stavros on September 4, 2008 - 12:33pm. News

Tie ins to comics is always good.

FXLabs Studios, the leading end-to-end game company in India today announced that their new PC game titled Archie's Riverdale Run, based on the famous Archie Comics character,is ready for distribution worldwide.

Archie's Riverdale Run is a racing action-adventure game that brings the world of Archie Comics to life in full 3D. Archie fans get to assume the role of Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, or Reggie, exploring the town of Riverdale, and solving fun and challenging missions.

The entire world of Riverdale has been recreated in 3D for the first time, including Riverdale High and Pop Tate’s. The game draws on the timeless appeal of the Archie comics to bring world-class family entertainment to millions of Archie fans worldwide.

Speaking on the latest development, Sashi Reddi, Founder and Chairman, FXLabs said that,”Archie represents a timeless period of innocence and great family fun. We are proud to bring this world into a PC game for the first time ever. “

FXLabs Studios plans to reach out to millions of Archie fans across all regions by releasing this game worldwide in partnership with international publishers. The game brings out different personality traits of the Archie Comics characters and incorporates this in the game play.

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