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A World of Warcraft World

Submitted by thankeeka on May 17, 2006 - 1:32pm. Game News

The phenomenon started out fairly mild, but MMORPGs have steadily been gaining steam and now there are supposedly more than 10 millions MMORPG players in the world and that number is only going up. With so many people playing MMORPGs, can we expect the world to change a bit to reflect this gaming trend?

From the article:

What I'm trying to say is, it's The Next Big Thing.

Some of what you're about to read will sound like science fiction. You'll be tempted to dismiss me along with those who for decades have been predicting sentient robot maids and hotels on the moon. But for every delayed technology there is another sudden, completely unexpected advance that jumps us from the shadows. For instance, none of the illustrations used in the article below were done with human hands. Each was rendered automatically by a remarkable piece of software called Nedroid, which can scan any piece of text, "read" it for comprehension and, incredibly, render artwork to match the context.

Did you even know that was possible before now? Truly, this morning's science fiction is this afternoon's science not-fiction.

So where will MMORPGs will take us?

Read the full article - the ten affects MMORPGs could cause - over at Pointlesswasteoftime.com

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