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Cartoon Network's FusionFall

Submitted by Meg on January 17, 2009 - 3:57pm. Game Impressions

FusionFall was recently released. Here are some comments on the beta and on the new game:


FusionFall, the new MMO from Cartoon Network, takes place a few years in the future. Players must help the Cartoon Network crowd, including older versions of Dexter and Deedee and the Powerpuff girls (as well as some other faces I’m too out-of-touch to recognize) must try to save Earth from the evil overlord Fuse of the evil green Planet Fusion. Combat was blood-free, zapping clearly-defined bad guys, as is appropriate for a kid’s game.

Despite problems with gameplay:

I loved the anime, teenage versions of the PowerPuff girls. Player characters are also anime-influenced. Character creation offers a lot of options, not quite City Of Heroes level, but much more customizable than the average MUD. By doing this, FusionFall avoids the common MMORPG problem of having dozens of identical avatars running around, an annoyance I remember in EverQuest2 and sometimes in low-level WoW characters.

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