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Hints for MyTribe on Facebook

Submitted by Meg on April 22, 2010 - 8:41am. Exclusive Game Review

Are you playing MyTribe on Facebook? Are you ever confused by the mysterious objects on your island? This blog post talks about the strengths of MyTribe and explains how to solve the MyTribe Mysteries:

Grubby Games’ My Tribe has just been turned into a Facebook social game. I played the original My Tribe about a year ago (yeah, I know, I love desert island survival games). The goal in the new Facebook game, like in the original, is to build a flourishing island tribe, and to solve the mysterious objects on your island.

Island Paradise or the ever-popular FarmVille, require you to have friends help you. FarmVille, and other successful social games, turn guanxi into a game, creating a virtual exchange of mooncakes. In Island Paradise, the “quests” are all necessary items you can’t have unless you ask your social network for clickthrough help until you succeed. Or your friends unfriend you. Either way.

You can read the rest and see how to unlock the MyTribe mysteries at Simpson's Paradox » My Tribe For Facebook

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