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'Titan Attacks' Released

Submitted by thankeeka on March 13, 2006 - 10:35am.

Unique Modern-Retro Shooter Hybrid, Titan Attacks, Now Available.

March 13th 2006- Puppy Games are proud to announce the second retro style shooter, Titan Attacks, is now available from their website for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Titan Attacks combines the look and challenge of the retro era with modern physics and particle effects of a modern PC. The end result is a game that is familiar in style that plays smoothly and contains much more excitement than the original counterparts.

Titan Attacks features over 100 levels of heart pounding action. Gain money by collecting bounties and bonuses and use them to upgrade your ship with better shields, advanced weaponry, faster movement, and more. Titan Attacks features very non-graphic violence, making it a safe choice for young adults.

The Modern-Retro line of Puppy Games products includes Ultratron, a tribute to Robotron, and Titan Attacks, which is close in many ways to Space Invaders. Each game features advanced particle effects, unique retro style graphics, and classic, easy to learn gameplay.

Download the risk free demo of both Titan Attacks and Ultratron. Join their newsletter for the latest updates for Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms. All Puppy Games come with a 60 day money back guarantee on top of their excellent customer support.

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