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The State of Killer Betties

So what does everyone think of Killer Betties so far? That is the one question I'm always wondering. I don't get too much feedback from the readers about the site itself and I'd love to hear from y'all.

As you can see, I'm pushing KB in a couple ways. We had kickass E3 coverage, thanks to the folks who went in my stead since I was stuck with the cutest baby in the world at home. We are continuing our coverage of top tier products and stuff we find interesting. Anklesock continues to blog about very interesting topics, so please keep checking back for those.

In addition to our standard fare, we are also putting a major focus on puzzle solving games. The Google Da Vinci Code Quest was incredibly popular for our site. Every week I'll find another cool puzzle game we can all play together and chat about. If you know of or find a game you think is interesting, let me know about it!

not bad except always having

not bad except always having trouble logging in....

Its spam unfortunately.

Its spam unfortunately. There's only one real solution to prevent them and that's requiring people to register before they can post, but I don't want to do that. I want to encourage posters as much as possible and then some of them will register and become official members of the community, but I don't want to stifle that community before it can start.

I try to delete them as soon as I see them though.

Killer Betties
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They're spam; it's their new

They're spam; it's their new way of having fun. Rosethorn, I was wondering how you check members when they register? I can't remember if you check the e-mail address. Another way is to not allow unverified senders to post. Like you really have to login. They are polluting.

I am wondering what all

I am wondering what all those "Nice Site|" "Well Done|" and all that stuff is... sometimes it's hard to find the latest entries except for those. Are they legit postings, or spam? Pardon me if this is a dumb question... =)

Rosethorn, this site is

Rosethorn, this site is awesome! I found it while playing the Da Vinci Google challenge, and have been tuned in ever since. Just signed up officially. Finally a site where I am not afraid to post for fear of sounding stupid. Thanks for a cool site where I feel welcome! (And thanks for introducing me to the BizFantast site...I think...)

Thanks for it all,

Thanks for it all, Rosethorn!

I don't play video games (the old grandma's hand-eye coordination ain't what it used to be, and it was never good!), but I am so glad I stumbled into this site during the DVCQoG. Now I can find the online string puzzles, riddle quests & treasure hunts, and meet others who indulge in them.

In all seriousness, these kind of mind-stretching games are just what us aging "baby-boomers" need to delay brain decay, and to build new and strengthen old synapses. Thank you for running a site that not only informs us where the hot-spots are, but also gives a place to meet and make friends (and to vent on occasion), and a place for us "Grannie-Betties" to get help when the brain goes "thunk!"

Well done, I Say!

Aloha KB. I found this

Aloha KB. I found this website par hasard when googling about the da vinci code; I have been checking it eevry day since, and just signed up as a member. I love it. It's funny, smart, feminine but not feminist, and the news may ruin my work days...Re: bizfantast puzzles, totally addivtive. Anyway, just wanted to say "good job". As feed back goes, other than my obvious admiration ( I'll stop before it is too embarassing), I am jsut having a hard time goind from one forum to another. Maybe there is a method I don't know yet. Mahalo, HulaMaui.