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Pantyhose And Joysticks?

How often do we hear that videogames are damaging to our children? It is a familiar mantra that points the blame for much of society's ills firmly at the door of the video game maker. Personally, I think this attitude underestimates the intelligence of the younger generation who are firmly capable of differentiating gaming fantasy from the real world.

However, in a press report today, a real and genuine health problem to playing video games has been revealed. Such is the addictive qualities of many games adults and children have been spending long hours hunched in front of a computer screen with little or no exercise. And now it appears that even children are at risk of deep vein thrombosis, normally associated with airline passengers sitting in a seat for prolonged periods and referred to as "economy class syndrome" The good news is that prevention can be aided by the use of tights/stockings/pantyhose that assist the legs.

Perhaps, the not so good news is the thought that we are bringing up whole new generations whose entire entertainment is focused around staring at a screen, controller in hand. In my youth I would cycle, explore my local woods and engage in any number of outdoor activities. Recent surveys have shown that in the gadget and gaming society we now live in many children and adults are modifying their entertainment lifestyle to remain indoors gaming whilst eschewing traditional leisure activities. We even hear stories of families in Asia sueing MMO manufacturers for deaths associated with long hours at the keyboard and consequent lack of nutrition. This seems ridiculous to most of us and points to a problem with the player rather than the gaming provider, and their mental balance.

It is, of course, the intention of gaming manufacturers to hook the player into their game worlds. It is good for business, especially in the world of the MMO where addiction and long playing hours are actively encouraged with the manfacturer's fervent desire that the player will become so engrossed as to continue a monthly subscription. Single player non-online games are a culprit too, to a lesser extent as we are now in the era of the franchisable expansion packs and downloadable content. The game developer wants to keep your interest over long periods and encourage you to commit further to each game both in terms of your time and finances. Maybe with the onset of the potential for circulatory issues leading from this new lifestyle gaming publishers should include a couple of pairs of pantyhose in the box along with a manual!

Computer games are tremdous fun so I would certainly not advocate the idea of removing them from the social and leisure menu of our youth. The point of fact also is that many of these games actually offer moral values. They stretch the imagination and mental faculties and in the case of online entertainment bring people together from all over the world in social interaction. To the scaremonger computer gaming is all doom and gloom and danger to our kids. In reality the reverse is often the case, more games than are given credit such as the puzzle games so loved by this site are a tonic to the intellect and encourage the thought process.

Like many other things in this world computer games are good for you in moderation if we remember to actually exercise, sleep, eat and look after ourselves. I would certainly not bar a young fan of gaming from spending hours enjoying themselves with their XBOX, Playstation or PC. Given the risks of deep vein thrombosis, however, and how it can be almost eliminated by the simple expedient of tights/hose to protect the legs I would think seriously of so outfitting committed game playing children who are rooted to their machines for long periods (and not just us girls but boys too!) as we need to make playing games not just fun but safe!


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The lower right paragraph of this medical bulletin reminds us that even "couch potatoes", which accounts for most of us hardcore gamers, need to protect their health


"Wearing Silky Medium support Tights for Long Periods of inactivity can cut down the threat of DVT (deep vein thrombosis). "

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