Naked Gnome Protest

A lot of WoW players are annoyed about the Warrior changes that are expected with the Burning Crusade expansion, but someone (Myxilydian of Burning Blade, according to WoW Insider)decided to start an ingame protest. He asked everyone who’s not so pleased about the Warrior changes to create a level 1 Gnome Warrior on the Thunderlord server, meet up and then march naked from Ironforge to the gates of Stormwind.

I’ve done some beer runs on the PvP servers, and I’ve spent more time than I’d like to admit emote flirting. I really like semi-character events, and the naked gnome march is goofy for a good cause.

But Blizzard says that“Anyone caught participating in this event or any event with the sole purpose of disrupting the game play for others will be punished”, probably fearing that all those disgruntled players will crash the server. But personally, I think it’s a great idea.

If only naked gnomes could solve all the world’s problems…

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