Achievements, shiny question marks and me.

Hello, my name is Staci and I’m an XBox 360 achievement addict.

This, on the surface, doesn’t sound like a real problem right? Well, it wouldn’t be, except that once I’ve got the achievements on the game, I never return to it again, even if I love it, like say Uno or Jewel Quest. I’ll also play some games I truly hate just to get the achievements, spending time making myself miserable (OBLIVION!) just for that little note on the bottom of the screen that says ‘Achievement unlocked!’ That little note is almost as good as seeing a shiny question mark in EverQuest 2.

Which brings me to my other addiction, the shiny question marks in EverQuest 2. I love EverQuest 2 and here’s why. The quest journal and the collections. I feel such a huge sense of accomplishment every time I complete a quest and I love the shiny question marks. I can’t even explain how excited I get when I see a little sparkle on the landscape, and as I sit and wait to see what the shiny question mark turns out to be, the anticipation builds. Sometimes, it’s something I have already. But sometimes, it’s something I’ve never seen before, a new collection to start, or that one item I need to finish my collection.

So I like a good story in a game. I like easy to understand controls. I like non-linear gameplay. But if you really want to hook me, give me things to achieve and collect. I’ll be sitting at your game all day looking for the shiny question marks.

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