Explanation of Hidden Object Game Types

Hidden object games may seem awful straightforward. You find objects that are hidden into drawn scenes. Simple, right? Well, it turns out there is as much variety to the types of hidden object games out there as there are to types of mustard. And not everyone likes every type of mustard. So, here at Killer Betties, we’re going to try to let players know exactly what type of hidden object gameplay they are going to find in each game we cover. So without further ado, here’s an explanation of our types of hidden object gameplay.

TIMED: This is pretty self-explanatory. In timed hidden object gameplay, players have to complete a scene in a certain time limit.

UNTIMED: In untimed, players can complete the objectives without worrying about speed and a clock.

LISTS: Lists refer to hidden object scenes where players have to find a list of objects given to them in written word format. These lists are all in text.

PICTURES: Picture lists are scenes where players have to find objects they know the appearance of, because they are shown them, usually in silhouette form. Sometimes, these include broken up objects.

FIND THE DIFFERENCES: In find the difference gameplay, the same scene is laid out side by scene, with minor differences between to the two. Players have to figure out what those differences are.

BUBBLES: Bubbles is where players have to find a hotspot. Once found, bubbles pop up with pictures of objects that need to be found so that the hotspot can do whatever it is that it needs to do.

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