Rosethorn’s Ramblings: Site Update

Welcome back again.  As you can see, we are starting to populate the site with new content.  There are few new writers and contributors waiting in the wings with new content.  If you are interested

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Rosethorn’s Ramblings: Site Update, GaMExpo, Nerdvana Con, Life Updates

What to Watch: You Tube

Top 5 YouTube video’s of the past week (with one blast from the past). Each week, on Tuesday, I am going to post 5 videos I think are worth watching on YouTube.  I’d love to hear what you

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What to Watch: You Tube

Rosethorn’s Ramblings: Welcome Bac

Welcome back to Killer Betties! It’s been over three years since I’ve made a post, but I am back. Before I get to what I’ve been doing for three years, I want to talk first about The

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Rosethorn’s Ramblings: Welcome Back, TWD, The Bar, and Other Random Thoughts

Football Manager 2017 Review

Football Manager 2017 is a football management simulation video game for the PC developed by Sports Interactive and published by Sega. Gameplay: In terms of gameplay, it is really fun. You can create

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Football Manager 2017 Review

Volunteers Wanted

Killer Betties is going through some growing pains and we need more bodies (and pens) to keep up with it. If you have any interest in writing video game reviews, previews, interviews or editorials, p

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Volunteers Wanted

Blast From the Past - NKOTB

by on April 10, 2012 at 4:55 pm

The year was 1989. I was just entering tenth grade. Most of my friends were boys. They made relentless fun of the New Kids on the Block and listened to hair metal. As a result, I completely missed out on crushing on Jordan or Donnie (were those the ones people crushed on?) Instead, I wanted to have babies with Joe Perry (of Aerosmith) and my room was littered with pictures of Lita Ford and Jon Bon Jovi. I honestly don’t feel like I missed out on much.

Flash forward twenty-three years. I went to the Half-Price Books down the street and picked up a grab bag of comic books for three bucks for my boys. I’m trying to get them started right. The front showed an old Batman comic and the back revealed Ninja High School, which sounds like an awesome comic. And school. I picked the boys (who are six and nine) up from their own school and showed them the treasure. There were ten comics just waiting to be discovered inside this beautiful, and cheap, grab bag. So we cracked it open and started divvying the comics up.

Stuck between two copies of X Factor, I found this:

My kids said things like “what’s this?” and “is it cool?”

The first I could answer. New Kids on the Block were a popular boy band from the late eighties and early nineties. Mark Wahlberg’s older brother was in the band. This must have been a comic that banked on the popularity of the band.

The second question was harder. Was this a cool comic? I started thumbing threw it, trying to remember what I could about the band I barely paid any attention to. They had some songs I thought I knew and a quick google search turned up gems like Hangin’ Tough and The Right Stuff. Seriously, go watch that video, especially if you loved them when you were a kid, and tell me it’s not one of the funniest things you’ve seen today.

The comic itself has gems like “Yeah! Hang tough, and as long as you love us … We’ll be loving you forever!” and a section called “New Kids on the Rag.” I’m just not sure what they meant by that, but in that section, it says “Hey Look! It’s the new fags on the block. What a bunch of poseurs!” The comic seems to outline their rise to fame, but there’s a mocking undertone to it, so I’m not sure if it’s cool or not.

I’m putting the comic in my own collection. Even though I wasn’t a fan of the group and I can’t figure out the point of the comic, it’s still something that does make me remember my childhood. The part where I made fun of anything that was cool and popular and mainstream. Funny how things don’t change.

 Were you a fan of NKotB? Were you like me, and too cool for them? Or are you eighteen years old and have no idea who New Kids on the Block are. Oh God, I’m old.


‘Race Driver 2006’ - Exclusive Trans World Cup

by on May 4, 2006 at 4:19 pm

Roaring onto the PSP (PlayStation Portable) system on May 30th, Race Driver 2006 is set to be the handheld’s most thrilling and comprehensive auto sport title. Featuring a cavalcade of real cars, world-famous circuits and incredible closely fought competition races, it comes from the creators of the acclaimed TOCA Race Driver series.

In addition to an extensive career mode, Race Driver 2006 comes loaded with an additional and all-new championship – the Trans World Cup – exclusively for the game’s U.S. release. The Trans World Cup is revealed in a new movie, taken from the championships’ opening sequence, now available online.

The Trans World Cup delivers high-octane event-based racing challenges in short bursts, making it perfect for PSP system gaming on the go, and takes the action way beyond first-past-the-finish races. Different events will test drivers’ racing prowess and car-handling expertise in areas such as damage control, using the racing line, maneuvering, timely pit-stops and pulling stunts.

Challenges include ‘Bring It Home’ where players take control of a heavily damaged car in a race that only has a few laps until the finish. On the flip side, the ‘No Damage’ race sees players competing alongside some very aggressive opponents. The challenge is to finish with as little damage as possible and points awarded depending on the condition of the car.

In a ‘Drive the Line’ event, the perfect racing line is shown on the track – players must keep their cars on it for an entire lap. And, just to prevent crawling around the circuit to stay on the line, there’s also a target time to cross the finishing line.

For those with a flair for pulling stunts, the Cup’s ‘Show Off’ competitions will let players loose on off-road tracks. Here drivers rack up points for power-sliding, air time, drifting and getting the car up on two wheels… and all with minimal damage.

‘Duel’ events pit players head-to-head against one rival that gets a head start on the race; players must use their best racing maneuvers, close in and overtake them for more than five seconds to win the race, all without causing any damage to the opponent’s car while overtaking.

With many more varied events throughout, it all leads to the Trans World Cup final: an intense championship across some of the leading U.S. race locations, including Nashville Super Speedway, Road America, Gateway International Speedway, Laguna Seca and the Michigan Loop.

Complete with real racing cars, real damage, real physics, and intense pack racing with up to 21 cars on-screen competing for position, Race Driver 2006 is set to release on May 30th, exclusively for the PSP system.

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‘Race Driver 2006’ For PSP - ­First Movie Online Now

by on April 14, 2006 at 3:08 pm

Set to be the most thrilling and comprehensive racing title on the PSP (PlayStation Portable) system, Race Driver 2006 is roaring onto the handheld in late May. Featuring the most extensive collection of high-performance race cars and world famous circuits ever seen in a PSP system title, the thrill ride that awaits in the new movie, now available online.

From the creators of the TOCA Race Driver games, Race Driver 2006 takes the best of Codemasters’ award-winning series and adds to it. With more than 30 championships spanning the globe, from Chicago to Europe, and South Africa to Australia, you’ll be tearing up the tarmac on 60+ circuits, which, for this special edition, includes Gateway International Raceway, Nashville Superspeedway, Dover International Raceway, Bahrain International, Avignon, Shanghai International, Mondello Park, Spa-Francochamps, Snetterton, Mazda Laguna Seca, Surfers’ Paradise and Pikes Peak International Raceway.

On the PSP system, Race Driver 2006 will deliver the most diverse range of powerful auto sports ever seen in one game. More than 50 of the world’s most powerful big-name racing and street cars will feature across the championships and covers 15 different motor racing styles including GT Sports Car Racing, Street Racing, Rally, DTM, V8 Supercars, Global GT Lights, Rally Cross, Formula Ford, Open Wheel Grand Prix, Classic Car Racing, Super Truck racing, Stockcar Oval Racing, Ice-Racing, Convertible Racing and Performance Cars.

With wireless WLAN multiplayer action play for up to a staggering 12 players simultaneously – the highest number of any PSP system title – Race Driver 2006 also delivers multiplayer action via Game Share, enabling up to four players to enjoy fantastic WLAN racing from just one UMD.

In the game’s Career Mode, an interactive storyline takes you through the championships and captures the competitive intrigue as 12 drivers battle their way to win the ultimate racing experience: a drive as a Masters Grand Prix professional.

However, before players can get that drive they’ll need to beat the best, racing in high-performance cars including Aston Martin (V12 Vanquish, DB9, DB7 and DB5), Jaguar (XJ220, XKR and E-Type), Ford (Mustang Cobra R, Ford GT, GT90, F150 Lightning Pick-up, Falcon BA), Holden Commodore VY, Mitsubishi 3000 GT, Mitsubishi EVO 7, Chevrolet Silverado Truck, Buick Gran Sport 455, Pontiac Firebird Formula 400, Mercedes Benz W196, Nissan 350Z Nismo, Dodge Charger, Lancia Beta Monte Carlo Turbo, BMW E26 M1 Group 4, Chevrolet Corvette L88 Sunray DX… and more.

A further race mode, the Trans World Cup, as featured in the movie at the web site (in Downloads), has been designed especially for PSP system gaming and delivers high-octane racing challenges in short bursts, making it perfect for gaming on the go. Through a variety of event-based challenges, including Time Trials and Skill Tests rather than a series of straight races, players must drive hard to become the world’s No. 1 ranked racer.

With unique adaptive artificial intelligence that changes to suit the player’s level of racing expertise, the game’s AI drivers are no pushover: they’ll fight to hold their line, try to out-brake and out-manoeuvre, and even carry grudges over from race to race! Thanks to a hugely realistic damage engine and the most advanced physics ever seen in a racing game, should players too cosy with another car or a trackside barrier, it could be back to the starting grid.

Complete with real racing cars, real damage, real physics, and intense pack racing with up to 21 cars on-screen competing for position, Race Driver 2006 is set for a release in late May, exclusively for the PSP system.

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