The Great Gatsby:

Classic Adventures: The Great Gatsby Review


Most people who would play hidden object games are likely familiar with The Great Gatsby. In fact, we'd wager that a significant percentage actually read the book by famed author F. Scott Fitzgerald. Turning this book into a hidden object game sounded like a stretch when we first heard about it, but having actually played it, we wonder why more classic novels haven't already had a hidden object adventure devoted to them. Not only is Classic Adventures: The Great Gatsby fun, but it really does relay the important scenes from the book in a way that is understandable. The game also presents hidden objects in a couple of innovative ways.

For those not in the know, The Great Gatsby is told from the point of view of a character named Nick, cousin to Daisy and neighbor to Jay Gatsby. Gatsby is popular for throwing great parties and having a huge house, but other than that, few people seem to know anything about him. The one thing we learn very quickly is that Gatsby and Daisy used to be a couple, but he went off to war and Daisy married an egocentric jerk, one who was also cheating on her as we learn in the first few scenes. The story is a tragedy and will not have a happy ending, so for anyone who hasn't read the book and doesn't like those types of stories, this may not be for you. Although there is a lot of dialogue and explanation left out of the game that players can get from reading the book, it still does a solid job relating all the important points of the book.

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'Rampage: Total Destruction' Wreaks Havoc For A Value Price


CHICAGO - April 24, 2006 - Midway Games Inc., a leading interactive entertainment software publisher and developer, today announced that Rampage: Total Destruction, has shipped for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system and the Nintendo GameCube. This new version reinvents the classic arcade game and offers up a huge selection of monsters that have the ability to perform unique combo attacks and individual super moves. Game versions for both platforms are now available with a U.S. suggested retail price of $19.99.

"Rampage: Total Destruction's massive monster list and fully destructible cities will introduce a whole new generation of gamers to the Rampage universe, while staying true to the classic gameplay that arcade fans love," said Steve Allison, chief marketing officer, Midway. "Gamers of all ages will smash, punch, and burp with delight as Rampage: Total Destruction delivers a great single-player and multi player experience for a fantastic value price."

In Rampage: Total Destruction, players can choose from more than 25 unlockable monsters, and seven international cities, including San Francisco, Hong Kong and Hollywood. Players will start with six characters available, including the original terror trio of George, Lizzie and Ralph, and graduate to new crazy monsters hidden throughout the various 3D city environments, such as Icky the Echidna in London, Wally the Warthog in New York City and Jack the Jackalope in Las Vegas.

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Web Site for 'Rampage: Total Destruction' Now Live


This April 24th, Rampage: Total Destruction is slated to ship for both the PlayStation2 and Nintendo GameCube with more than 25 new monsters and new crazy methods of destruction. The game's official website is now fully functional and features individual monster bios, gameplay trailers and screenshots depicting several of the new monsters tearing apart city blocks brick by brick!

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