OMG - I Like a Social Game?

If you know me, you know I sort of HATE social gaming. I love casual gaming that involves completing objectives on my own or competetive games, but social games sort of are neither of those things. I play Words with Friends on my Samsung Galaxy Tab (Android FTW!) but not on Facebook - and it’s a competetive game so it doesn’t count. I love playing Ticket to Ride, Catan and Carcassone on my XBLA too. Again, I like competition. So what on earth has me playing a non-competetive social game on Facebook?

Simple: The Sims Social. I finally caved and did what all my Facebook friends are doing - playing The Sims Social. I expected to hate it, just like I hate Farmville and Mafia Wars - and I was disappointed. I love it! I’m completely addicted. In fact, I need more freakin friends to ask for things from. You can add me as a Facebook friend ( if you want to play The Sims Social with me - or challenge me to kick your butt at Words with Friends - up to you.

So the premise behind The Sims Social isn’t all that different a regular Sims game (of which I’ve bought almost all of them and played countless hours in). You have to keep your Sim fed, bathed, emptied and well rested. You are given various obejctives in which you gain rewards for completing them. Your sim also needs fun and social experiences in their life to be truly happy - inspired even! The catch is that just about everything costs energy and energy is limited. It’s replenished when you level (yup leveling!), and friends can send you energy - or you can just wait it out as it replenishes over time. You need lots of friends since most things in the game require your friends help, like building a room or putting together a bed. You can go visit their houses and see how they’ve decorated as well.

Of course, there’s a monetary aspect for people who don’t want to wait or ask their friends for help - you can purchase currency to skip steps or replenish energy for cold, hard cash. I haven’t felt the need to spend money - yet.

And I’m the queen of Words with Friends - I sure with they had leaderboards.

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