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Letters from Nowhere 2 Review

Letters from Nowhere 2 is the continuation and conclusion of the game and story started in Letters from Nowhere, which left us with a cliffhanger. It’s a hidden object title, with a smattering of relatively easy puzzles thrown in throughout the game. The story is fair and the hidden object aspects are ok, but what saves this game from being simply mediocre are the trophy system and the unlimited mode. That’s not to say those additions make it a great game, but it’s not terrible either. And for the overachiever, there’s a lot here.

In Letters from Nowhere, we discover that a husband has gone missing and the wife goes on the investigative hunt to track him down. She receives letters from a mysterious source, which turns out to be a ghost. In this second game, instead of letters, we’re looking for diary entries from a man who disappeared while he was investigating the strange disappearances in a small town decades earlier. A black cat is following us around from scene to scene, and is the special hidden object which must be found in order to unlock sections of the game, along with the three stamps per scene as in the first game.

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