Big Brother, Gamezebo, LFW and more

Hey folks!

Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve decided to once again change the focus on KB (I know, shocker right?) Instead of posting about specific things, I’ve decided I’m going to use the site to post about whatever I feel like. So today’s post will cover several topics, including what’s going on with Big Brother, the casual games reviews/news website Gamezebo, the fact that I’m looking for a job and whatever else I feel like writing by the time I get to the end.

First things first - Big Brother has been a great season so far. The twists are probably the best they’ve been. Of course, that may not be true if you are/were a Danielle & Dominic fan, but for Brendan/Rachel fans, this season has not disappointed. I was so happy when Brendan came back and very disappointed when Dani won HoH again and sent him home. We’ll find out who wins HoH this week, but the competition is definitely geared towards Jeff winning. He had almost twice as much liquid in his jar when they went off the air. If you know who wins HoH and who they put up, please don’t post about it here until after tomorrow’s show.  Thanks!

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Nintendo DS Focuses on Gray Matters with Sudoku and a New Brain Game

Two new titles for Nintendo DS will extend Nintendo’s mental mastery and guarantee Nintendo DS owners will have plenty of ways to keep their brains busy this summer.

Big Brain Academy is the second game in the record-breaking brain- training series taking Japan by storm. In Big Brain Academy, players perform a series of fun and mentally stimulating mini-games. The game then assigns them a letter grade and cites a famous person or profession with a similar set of skills. This graphically appealing title measures skills like thinking, memorization, analysis, identification and computation. Big Brain Academy, Rated E for Everyone, launches May 29.

A month later, sudoku fans will find themselves in number-crunching heaven as Sudoku Gridmaster makes its way to Nintendo DS on June 26. The system’s touch screen makes choosing or writing numbers easy. Players will find more than 400 puzzles, all of which were selected by the original creators of sudoku.

Sudoku is the most popular puzzle game in the world right now, and Sudoku Gridmaster puts hundreds of puzzles in portable form, just in time for the summer travel season. To satisfy novices and sudoku experts alike, the puzzles come in four difficulty settings: practice, easy, normal and hard. Sudoku Gridmaster is Rated E for Everyone.