Echoes of Sorrow:

Echoes of Sorrow Review


Echoes of Sorrow is a good hidden object title. It has an interesting story with a couple of twists and turns we didn't see coming, although it ends abruptly, a trend we're seeing more and more of that needs to end. We'd like to see developers at least put The End at the end of a game so we know it's coming. That's not too much ask for. The hidden object aspect is fun, although very easy. Even with it's simplicity, no one squeamish or underage should probably play it - the story is very dark.

Through an accident, a woman finds herself in the hospital. She's in a deep sleep she can't escape until she unlocks her memories, which involve the deaths of people very close to her. She finally figures out what tires all the deaths together and is able to escape her dream and confront the killer. All along the way, we were intrigued and couldn't wait to see what piece of the puzzle would unravel next. When we learned her relationship to the killer, it was both surprising and fulfilling. We just wish the ending had a little more meat to it - ending the story abruptly and sending us back to the title screen was a let down. It wasn't a 'to be continued' ending, though, so the story was finished and for that, we were grateful.

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