Amanda Rose - The Game of Time:

Amanda Rose - The Game of Time Review


Amanda Rose - The Game of Time is a hidden object adventure initially set in the modern day, but which involves a bit of time travel, as the title suggests. The gameplay is fairly good, but there's some issues with the storytelling, both in the way its presented and in its confusing path.

The story begins with Amanda Rose's father leaving after an urgent call from Arizona. The next morning, she receives a package from her father saying to disregard the call she's, about to get about him going down in a plane crash, and to get on a plane herself and travel to Arizona to retrieve an object. After this point, things get a little confusing. It appears she goes back in time, but in a latter scene, she's back in the present (which we assume because of the plane in the scene, which didn't exist during the time she went back to). But in reality, she's still in the past and the plane is never really explained. The way the story is being told is frustrating as well. It's in comic book style pictures, with some subtitles, but it's a slow telling with minor animations in some of the pictures. The story can also be read in the journal, but even that doesn't clear up the inconsistency in the time travel storytelling.

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