Killer Betties Scoring System

Here on Killer Betties, we score on a 0-10 system, with one decimal point. Here’s an explanation of our understanding of the scores:

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0-6 Games that really shouldn’t be played unless someone is a masochist or likes the dull. The closer the game gets to six, the more redeeming qualities it gets, but really, anything six and under is just plain not worth it.

6.1-7 It’s not a good game, but it might have something about it that some players might enjoy, especially fans of whatever style the game might be. It’s not a top tier title, but it might be barely playable.

7.1-8 It’s a good game. It’s worth playing if you are a fan of the genre and style of the game. It lacks extra features or is short or has some other major flaw that takes it out of running for great.

8.1-9 It’s a great game. It may be flawed, but its flaws can either be overlooked because of other great things about the game, or the flaws are minor. This game is worth playing if you are at all interested in this type of game, even if only peripherally. It may have something about it that converts the non-believers.

9.1-9.9 It’s nearly perfect and everyone should play it, period. This scoring range is reserved for the best of the best in each genre – games that exemplify the fun that a genre can be.

10 It’s Plants vs. Zombies.

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