Burger Shop 2 Review

by on October 7, 2009 at 10:13 pm

When one thinks of time management, the obvious games that come to mind are the Dash titles. However, there are plenty of other types of time management games out there. Of course, most of them aren’t worth the code they are programmed in. Burger Shop 2 avoids that pitfall by doing something slightly different and ending up with a formula that is fun to play.

Right off the bat, I liked the story. Where else can you be given alien technology to make burgers, but also have amnesia at the same time? The ending was a bit confusing, but overall, I really enjoyed the path the writers took me down. Besides story, there’s more to love here. The concept is simple, it’s Poop. Yup, Poop. People order our patties. Basically, customers come in, tell you what they want with fancy little thought bubbles and you fill the orders, by taking items off the conveyor belt and combining them with other items on the belt, like making a burger using lettuce, cheese, meat and buns, or using the items on various machines, french fries, drinks, ice cream, to name a few.

It starts out simply enough and the first levels are very easy to achieve perfect or expert on. Throughout the first round of play, getting expert everywhere is actually pretty easy. However, once the story is played through, expert mode unlocks and I challenge you to get expert status in expert mode. It’s pretty tough. There’s some other modes too, like relax, which I found pretty boring because where’s the challenge?, but I know other people will appreciate being able to play the game leisurely, and challenge mode, which is like endless in the Dash games, where you basically pick a restaurant and try to last as long as you can as the game gets progressively harder. What I like about challenge is that you only have to survive one minute at a time, then it resets and you start over with a newer, harder level.

Of course, Burger Shop 2 is derivative (hello Burger Time, anyone?), and it doesn’t really add anything new and exciting to the time management formula. It simply does what it does very well and, as a result, it’s pretty fun to play and replay. There’s also a trophy system, for those achievers out there, adding even more to the replay value of this title. For time management fans out there, this is a must play.

Score: 8.4

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