Wedding Salon Review

by on May 3, 2011 at 9:21 am

Developer Sugar Games, who has brought out games like the time management title Wendy’s Wellness and hidden object game Matchmaker: Joining Hearts, recently released a new time managemen title into the mix. Wedding Salon puts the player in the shoes of a wedding salon manager, who has to wait on eager brides and grooms and their wedding parties, making sure their clothes and hair is well done, jewelry is purchased and snacks are fed.

It’s a solid title with little replayability value – although for those who really like designing the dream wedding scenes, replaying it to check out the designs not picked might be fun. Other than that, there’s no real value to playing the game again and there are no advanced modes or alternate methods of gameplay - something unfortunate because an endless mode here would be pretty fun.

Most of the levels aren’t too difficult, although a couple took me a dozen attempts to make the expert score, especially the last level. Making the expert score awards tokens that allow players to choose options for the dream wedding setting, so it’s important to achieve the expert score in each level to get the full experience of this title. The hardest part was not running out of seating, and the level where they took away two of my seats felt especially mean, but the satisfaction gained completing that level with an expert score made it worth it.

The art style is nicely done and some of the dress designs were stunning. Real dresses never look so good. The audio is mutable and doesn’t add anything to the game. Overall, Wedding Salon is a good game for anyone who enjoys time management games and worth the money to buy.

Score: 8.3

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