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Players on virtual world Next Island solved an interesting development bug. New players were coming into areas where aggressive island mobs were taking them down.

The Next Island pioneer community has set up rescue missions to help unlucky newbies. I already knew that we have a helpful, fun crew, but this is amazing. Bemo, Rufwon, Manny, Softhart and other forum regulars have an entire thread devoted to timing and organizing rescue missions to run to dangerous areas to help new players. I also ran into Corey Greyfox, Lee DeLioncourt and others running noob rescues inworld. These are a few names from a long, long list of experienced Entropia players volunteering to spend their playing time and their armor decay to rescue newbies from aggressive mobs.

How awesome is that? I’m so lucky to be part of this community. A gameworld bug is a temporary setback, but a caring, vibrant virtual community is long-term. Thank you, Islanders!

The problem was then solved by adding Sacred Death Tikis to dangerous areas.

Via Killer Monkeys On The Loose! on Next Island News

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