Ghosts and Bowling

My 9 year old, Zachary, is obsessed with ghosts. He watches ghost hunter videos on YouTube, then tries to recreate them, finding his own ghosts in our very haunted house (just ask him). He takes our video camera and records while trying to get the ghosts to communicate with him. It’s pretty cute.

Both my boys are in a bowling league on Saturday mornings. Zachary could be great but he doesn’t take it seriously enough. He’s averaging about 80 (no bumpers). Nicky just started bowling in January. We had him in bowling last year, but he wasn’t ready yet, so we didn’t put him in when the fall league started, but come January, he wanted to bowl. He loves it! He’s averaging about 70 with bumpers. He’s not holding or throwing the ball right yet, but he’ll get there. He takes it a lot more seriously and I imagine he’ll be out-averaging his brother before he knows it.

There’s a no-tap tonight and I’m wanting to go, but the husband is frustrated with bowling, even though he did OK on Tuesday (shot 700), so he’s not in the mood. Hopefully after his nap he’ll change his mind.


This is a page dedicated to whatever random thoughts my brain might possess. It will, probably, most often be about p0litics and how crazy I think the far right is. There will also likely be a lot of stuff about my kids. I’ll promote my writing things here as well, although I won’t go into detail like I do on, my other blog all about my writing. I’ll even wax poetic about video games from time to time.

So welcome to my blog. 🙂

To kick things off right, let me tell you about my kids! I have two boys, Zachary who is 9 and Nicholas who is 6. They couldn’t be more different from each other if they tried. Zachary is artistic but hates learning and reading and math and… anything related to school. He loves guns and owns a gazillion nerf guns. He also will sit around for hours making guns out of paper. At first, I was a little concerned - my being somewhat anti-gun - but I know it’s a normal thing for 9 year old boys to be interested in, especially in this day and age with all the wars Republicans keep putting us in. It changes often, but he usually says he wants to be a police officer or a marine or a navy seal when he grows up.

Nicholas, on the other hand, I worried about a ton when he was younger. He was slow to speak and when he did start speaking, he didn’t speak clearly. He didn’t show a lot of interest in school related stuff, where Zachary knew a lot more things when he started Kindergarden. I shouldn’t have worried though. Nicky has taken to school very well. He loves reading and learning and math and anything related to school. In fact, right now, he’s playing a bunch of learning games in the style of Dr. Seuss. It’s Dr. Seuss’s birthday after all and he loves him! He speaks quite clearly now and has even gotten over some of his social quirks. He fits in nicely, where Zachary struggles a bit more to fit in with the other kids. Zachary is definitely the ‘weird kid’ in his class. That’s OK, though, cause so was I.

I’m currently writing full time and we’ll see if I manage to publish anything as a result. I recently entered a short piece into a competition and am finalizing all my edits on my first novel, before sending out queries. I tend to write fantasy, especially modern fantasy, and sometimes a little science fantasy.

I’m liberal. VERY liberal. Politics pisses me off on a daily basis. I’m frustrated that because the Republican party has moved so far right, the Democratic party has been forced to the middle. I’m very left of middle on a personal viewpoint, although politically, I would love moderates to run the show, because I think they actually weigh the interests of both the left and right make the best possible decision. So maybe it’s a good thing the Democratic party is becoming the party of moderates more and more. Time will tell.

I bowl and not too badly. My average right now is 172. I’ve bowled 3 600’s this season so far, and for those not familiar with bowling, that means I bowled an average of 200 a game over 3 games. I’m in a league called Jan’s Rainbow Bowl. It’s an LGBT friendly league and, although I’m not gay myself, I’m very happy to count many in the homosexual community among my friends and I love bowling in this league.

I’m married to a great guy who works as a server engineer. He’s the breadwinner of the family and I’m thankful every day I managed such a great catch. He’s a great father, husband, worker and bowler!

I also have two cats who hate me. Mister (short for Mr. Bigglesworth, guess what movie the kid was watching a lot when he got him) is a black and white cat who won’t let me pet him, hold him or touch him. UNLESS … he wants something. Then he’s all rubbing against my legs, acting like he loves me. But I know it’s all lies. He’s my oldest boy’s cat and he lets Zachary pet him all the time. It makes me glare. Yellow is our other cat and he’s an orange and white cat. His name when we picked him out from the shelter was Yellow, so Nicky wanted to keep it that. He’s Nicky’s cat and he’s like Nicky in a lot of ways - scared of everything. Yellow loves me but only when I’m sitting in my recliner or laying in bed. When I’m in my recliner, he jumps up and tries to sit on my computer, forcing me to pet him. In bed, he thinks my pillow is his. It was cute when he was a tiny kitten, but now that he’s a fat freakin’ cat, not so much. He won’t let me near him if I’m not in those two places though, although he’s always found near me. He likes to stay close.

That’s about it for now. What an introduction! I’m sure I’ll have plenty to say soon.