The Mystery of the Mary Celeste Review

by on September 23, 2009 at 11:13 pm

It’s rare that a hidden object game has me guessing up to the end with the story. The Mystery of the Mary Celeste does just that. While not the greatest or most challenging of hidden find games, Mary Celeste has just enough to make me say it was worth playing. Of course, there was plenty to make me aggravated and disappointed as well.

The story is fun and where the game shines. At times, it’s a little confusing though. But at the end, it all comes nicely together and the twist at the end is a good surprise. The story is told by little tidbits given when finding certain items and in flashback episodes that take you outside the ship. The way the story is related ends up being well done, although halfway through, I wasn’t sure it was going to be worth it.

Where the game isn’t nearly as good is with the actual hidden find aspect. Nothing is ever hard to find. Add in the lack of penalty for randomly clicking and I just spent the first couple minutes on each screen clicking everything before looking at the object list, which was presented with pictures of the objects. True, this defeats the purpose of the game, but being essentially lazy, if a game lets me get away with it, I’ll do it.

There are some puzzle elements and they were neither particularly good or bad. They just were there and they made sense within the confines of the story being presented. So overall, the game isn’t a shining example. But I thougth the story ending makes the game an experience with a point. And it’s not that long, so it doesn’t require a ton of investment to get the reward.

Score: 6.0

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