Princess Isabella – A Witch’s Curse Review

by on October 5, 2009 at 10:45 pm

Princess Isabella – A Witch’s Curse has a simple name that doesn’t come close to explaining the game or how great it is. A better name would be Princess Isabella and the Awesome Hidden Object Game That Goes With Her. With that said, PIatAHOGTGWH is quite the game. The only downside to it is that it honestly ended too soon for me. I was having a blast and wanted to keep going. I wish there had been other modes to play around with.

The story begins with a Princess. And a witch. And a curse. I know, contrived right? But they manage to make it fresh and new somehow. Princess Isabella returns from – a horse ride I guess – to discover her palace has been cursed and everyone she knows is now turned into broken mirrors. On her wedding day no less. From there, through finding hidden objects and using objects to solve various puzzles, she unravels the curse and saves everyone, with the help of a fairy friend. I love fairies, so it sold me right off the bat.

The hidden object portion of the game is pretty straight forward and I think I used hints 4 times the entire game. There’s no penalty for using hints, since there’s no score or timer, but for some reason, in this title, I just didn’t care. Outside the straightforward here’s a list of objects, find them, there’s a plethora of puzzling to be found. All the standard adventure type puzzles are found in this title, but none of them are too hard to figure out – nor did I think most of them were too easy. They felt just right. There’s jigsaws, pipe dreams, and so much more. The division between hidden object and puzzling was very well done and it always made sense within the confines of the story. There’s also some spell work done via the fairy that adds a bit of complexity, but just the right amount.

The game did suffer from a couple of issues. First, if you run in 64 bit Windows, you may find it difficult to play the game. Second, it felt far too short. I finished it in one sitting. Usually, I spend three or four sittings finishing a hidden object game, but that might be because they don’t hold my interest the way this one did. But it still seemed like it could have been longer. Also, I have to knock it for the lack of a competitive element, since I always mention that in these games. I wished it had some kind of replayability – especially the last puzzle, which I won’t spoil, but I will say could have made a game all unto itself. That was the only part of the game with a competitive element and I loved it.

So, where does that leave us? Well, basically, if you like Hidden Object puzzling games, you simply MUST play Princess Isabella.

Score: 9.1

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