Little Shop – World Traveler Review

by on October 25, 2009 at 9:59 pm

There are many ways a hidden object game can be great. It can have the most amazing and compelling story. The Hidden Object portion can be stellar. There can be mini-games that just entertain for hours. Or it can be an average game that drives you to unlock every portion the game has to offer. Little Shop – World Traveler is just that. It manages a level of replayability that I’ve yet seen in a hidden object game and that takes this not so standout title to the next level.

First off, the story is a throwaway. It doesn’t really matter at all why you are searching the various scenes. As a travel writer, you are exploring exotic venues, from Venice to Antarctica to Madagascar. Each of the scenes does a fairly good job transporting you to those locations. There’s about 80 or so objects to find in each scene, although in the story mode, you only have to find 15 and are given a list of a 5 at a time to do just that. There’s also a plethora of collectibles, from question marks that give you hints to passport stamps to suitcases. To find the 15 in story mode, you only have 5 minutes. You will do each scene 5 times by the end of story mode, so that’s ample opportunity to find all the collectibles. However, I found at the end of story mode, I hadn’t done that yet, thanks to some well hidden collectibles. As for the objects themselves, they are usually pretty easy to find and the collectibles, like the cameras that flash all the objects and the special exclamation points that use a search feature special to each screen, make any particularly hard to find objects a snap to discover.

Outside of story mode, there’s Blitz mode. This will task you with finding every hidden object in a scene and gives you plenty of time to search for collectibles. This helps a lot to complete the collections in story mode, since you can clear the scene and figure out where all the collectibles are hiding. Some of the collectibles prove challenging even in this mode and there aren’t any hint systems to help you find collectibles. And thanks to the trophy system, you’ll strive to memorize each scene. And with 16 scenes to memorize, that’s a lot of game!

There’s a mini-game in between each of the story games, where you have to find hidden objects by shaking up a drawer, because some objects will be hidden under others. They try to make this game a little more complex later on, having you add up things to a certain number or solve a word riddle, but really, it’s just a fun little filler. There’s no way to play this outside of story mode that I’ve found.

And that is about all there is to Little Shop – World Traveler. And even though is a simple game at its heart, it’s a blast to try to get every trophy and memorize each scene. There’s even global leaderboards so you can compare your fastest Blitz time to others, although those at the top of the boards are extremely fast. If you can beat them, let me know!

Score: 8.7


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