Kingdom Hearts 2 and My Thumb

by on April 10, 2006 at 1:36 pm

It’s official. My thumb and hand are suffering from playing far to many turn based fighting games. Now I have switched to playing Kingdom Hearts 2 and my thumb can’t hack it. I am simultaneously thanking and cursing the game. Thanking it for the ability to hit continue after you die rather than start way back from the save point, and cursing it cause my thumb can’t move fast enough to keep up with some of the tougher enemies. For example, the little heartless guys that look like ants, no problem. Big guy in the Ballroom of Beast’s Castle, AHHHH. Battles are very fun and exciting and always different(if not a little painful-but I have been exercising my thumb daily to get it in shape). Maybe if I could actually come up with a strategy I wouldn’t have as many problems, but I am not much of a strategy player. I hack and hack until I have won the day. However, because of the slow movement of my out of shape thumbs, the continue option is a total bonus and I max out the usage of this capability. There is nothing this girl hates more than having to go way back to a save point and start again from there. Especially if there is a cut scene in there that you can’t skip. They get so obnoxious. Anyone who has had to sit through a cut scene for the 8th time in one night can relate to my woes. Lucky for us, that is taken care of in Kingdom Hearts because you can skip the cut scene. There is one scene however, that is totally unskippable. It took SOOO long, that I was painting my toenails, going to the bathroom, and getting a snack, came back and it STILL wasn’t over. Sigh…the dude talked so slow for no reason. NOT cool, especially because it was close to the beginning and I was anxious to be on my way!! But that is minor and so far has only happened once.The only real downfall so far? Not enough time in the day.

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