Killer Betties Finds a Sock

by on April 25, 2006 at 3:34 pm

Anklesock Littlegirlsocks is joining the Killer Betties team and will be blogging about all the experiences in the gaming industry to be had and whatever else comes to mind. With a significant amount of experience and history, basically being there at the start and working for many many companies both small and large (I’ll leave that to Anklesock’s blog to reveal), Anklesock has a lot to say and I personally love to hear the stories of history past and thoughts on the future. I hope everyone will join me in warmly welcoming Anklesock Littlegirlsocks to the Killer Betties family.

You may notice that Anklesock has put that in as a real name, this is Anklesock’s real name having been given it at the age of 8. It stuck hard, and that name became legal at the age of 16.

Be sure to catch Anklesock’s first blog entry and come back tomorrow for another (and many more to come).

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