Gallery Exhibit Looks To Teach Parents About Videogames

by on April 16, 2007 at 12:03 pm

All too often videogames get a bum rap, and this usually comes from parents and adults of the world who didn’t grow up on the pastime itself. And with that lack of information, frequently misinformed facts or opinions are brought up which couldn’t be farther from the truth. The anti-thesis of Jack Thompson – Brenda Brathwaite – is set to premiere a gallery show that teaches parents the truth and what they need to know about videogames.

From the article:

Brenda Brathwaite is a vocal advocate within the industry known for frank discussions on sex, censorship and ESRB issues. Recently she was awarded the 2007 Presidential Fellowship at the Savannah College of Art and Design to create a lecture and gallery exhibit titled, “What You Don’t Know About Video Games…” The installation is aimed at parents and others unfamiliar with video games and the industry. The lecture is designed to cover all kinds of topics like ratings, game content, career options and the good video games are doing in all kinds of fields.

The portion that Brathwaite is most excited about is the exhibit. It’ll be in an actual gallery space and will give parents a hands-on guided tour of video games at every rating level from E to AO. The latter, of course, will not be readily viewable, and not at all viewable by those under 18. Brathwaite says, “For me, the motivation comes from both being a parent, a game designer and an acquaintance of many parents who know little about our industry, or believe that video games ‘are just for kids,’ or some great violence-filled, blood-soaked evil … Hopefully, they’ll come away more knowledgeable about our industry, excited about the games we make and better able to make informed choices at retail.”

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